Make Sure You are Covered!

While it is true that insurance and healthcare are two things added to your monthly expenses that could actually be skipped, the simple truth is you need both of them. There is no sense in not having insurance and a healthcare plan (these two go together) especially if you work in a field that puts you at risk from day to day. The additional hazard pay is nowhere near enough what you might need if you something happens. Even if the chance of you getting hurt is like the chance of you getting struck by lightning, and even if you’re so careful that it’s unlikely you’ll get hurt, it’s best you take care of yourself anyway—otherwise getting in an accident may just lead to your financial death.


Insurance is something that cannot be taken lightly. It’s there in case something happens to you—just like in the case of a woman who traveled, climbed aboard a ship, slipped, and hit her head. Now she cannot go back home to her own country because she has incurred nearly £100,000 in medical debt—simply because she decided she would not bother to pay the travel insurance. Don’t allow yourself to become like her.


Insurance and healthcare both work for you, not against you. The monthly expense is a small price to pay for keeping you healthy and happy, and even alive. It might even keep you sane in cases where your medical bills get so high that it’s in the six digits. Take for example a woman who had troubles delivering her child. Her original plan for a four digit medical bill blew up into the six digit range. With a new baby, how would you pay that off on top of your mortgage and car payments? Good thing she had her insurance, which significantly brought down her costs.


But if you have been caught off guard, don’t fret. If something happens and you get in an accident, assess the situation, see if it is your fault, or see if someone else is at fault. Don’t just make things up, of course—karma will get you there—but if you are in a situation where you got hurt due to something someone else did, then you may be able to file charges with the help of a solicitor in order to get reimbursement for your medical care. In some cases you might even be able to get a financial settlement for your pain and suffering.

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